Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is an aromatherapy patch? 

The inhalation / aromatherapy patch is an innovative and safe delivery system for using pure, essential oils. It is a delivery method that answers the question of labeling and single use in the clinical setting. 


How does it work? 

The aromatherapy patch is inhalation only, no oils reach the skin due to our occlusive barrier. This makes it the safest method for using essential oils. Simple to use by opening the package and applying the patch to skin or fabric at chest level or to the inside of a mask. 

The volatile nature of essential oils make aromatic use of essential oils, one of the most effective methods of use. When inhaled, the benefits of a scent effects the absorbed through the respiratory tract and lungs, and then circulated through the blood stream. 

Research has shown that the scent of essential oils interact with chemical sensors in the brain, in the limbic system. Chemical properties of the essential oils have been studied for their ability to promote a calming atmosphere, soothe anxious feelings, reduce pain and nausea, help to increase focus and energy. 


How long does a patch last? 

 Our patch will last for 6-8 hours, through a timed-release design. Although honestly, it lasts a lot longer than this in our experience.


Where can the patch be applied? 

The adhesive is a hypoallergenic medical grade hydrogel adhesive with all the dermal testing approved. It can be applied to skin safely. It can also be applied to fabric - a patient gown, collar or the inside of a mask. 


 What if I change my mask frequently? 

 We tested that too, the patch is easily transferred from mask to mask. 


What brand of essential oils do you use? (Where do you source your oils?)

 Great question! We are glad you asked - that means you understand that not all essential oils on the market are equal. However, we don't have permission to share our source. But after careful research, we decided to use oils that we trust. We can provide GC/MS data per batch on the single oils. The oils were tested for purity and potency. We send the oils directly to a manufacturer who understands quality and has experience in health care quality standards. Using the inert reservoir it ensures there are no chemical interactions with the oils.  Email us for more information at: support@iamesscential.com


 Do you ship to Canada? (or anywhere outside of the US)

We are unable at this time to ship outside of the US. We have some things with logistics to work out before that can happen.  Email us at: support@iamesscential.com to tell us where you would like us to ship to next.


How do I get these in my health care setting? 

We would love to help you incorporate essential oils into your health care setting. Email us at hospitalsales@iamesscential.com to inquire about pricing.

If you need assistance with establishing a sustainable evidence based essential oil practice within your institution, we would love to help you with that too. We have been helping nurses create and implement policy and protocols for the past couple years and would love to help you too. Include that in your email and check out sciencenotstories.com for the course we offer. 


How do I learn more about essential oils? 

We have a monthly membership subscription for oil education and mentorship.  Get more information at: join.eonurses.com