Breathe EZ, as the name suggests, is a synergistic blend of essential oils that are known for helping to open up the airways, making breathing easier. 

Our patch provides you with a blend of  8 different oils that are known to support respiratory health.   Even though each oil in the blend would be awesome on their own, this blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, laurel leaf, tea tree, lemon peel, cardamom seed, ravintsara Leaf, and ravensara leaf essential oils, together create a soothing and cooling aroma that may contribute to an increase in focus and mental clarity.  

Let's take a deeper look at each of the individual oils in our Breath-EZ blend!

Laurel Leaf and Eucalyptus, oils that support feelings of clear airways due to their high content of the constituent 1,8-cineole.

Peppermint oil is high in menthol, which is known to have soothing properties on the respiratory system.

The chemistry profile of Tea Tree oil makes it uplifting and cleansing.

Cardamom oil alone can be calming and soothing. Like peppermint, it is also known for the support of the digestive system. 

What does this blend smell like?

Breath-EZ patches have a minty-fresh aroma is very light and airy, and is especially helpful for opening respiratory airways and soothing congestion.

Does your husband (or dog) snore?

Apply one patch to a pillow and by easing breathing and relieving congestion, this blend may also help to promote restful sleep. 

What are other benefits of Breathe-EZ?

Breathe-EZ can be applied to the chest or the inside of a mask. A healthy immune system is what we all need these days, and this blend of essential oils may have the potential for enhancing our ability to protect against seasonal and environmental threats as well. 

Breath-EZ is diverse in benefits not only supports the respiratory system but many find this blend soothing for the digestive health, while promoting a sense of openness, and feelings of mental clarity and better concentration. 

Grab a 5-pack of our new Breath-EZ inhalations patches and you can breath easy anytime, anywhere, and even with a mask on!